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A fantastic, all-round, soft eco cruise, for people of all ages,

aboard a beautifully maintained cruising yacht


Internet booking promotions now at RM340 per persons. You save M60.


This cruise is a great, full day adventure for people who would like to experience some brilliant cruising and the flora & fauna of Langkawi's southern out-lying islands, (these are the islands you see when you are arriving by airplane) without too much effort, and in exceptional style. Calm water cruising, nature excursions, and a great B.B.Q. with a large salad bar, featuring salads from around the world. An open bar of beer, wine, spirits, cocktails, soft drinks, fruits juices and water being served all day. This cruise will make a special highlight to your Malaysian Holiday.


RETURN:         4:00 P.M.



Depart Resort World Langkawi in the morning on our yacht and cruise up into the islands. On the way, guests can participate in cruising the yacht, with instructions from the crew, by taking the helm and pulling the ropes; do some fishing; look for dolphins and flying fish; watch the sea eagles; jump in our salt water Jacuzzi to cool off; have a party, or just relax with your book and a drink.


Arrive to a deserted beach on which we have our B.B.Q. area. Here everyone can leave the yacht for a swim on the beach. There is a short, but very pleasant, jungle walk starting from the beach. You can experience the rain forest, a great ocean view from the peak, or just relax in one of the many hammocks we have set up along our beautiful secluded beach. Enjoy our beach for a full on five-star B.B.Q. lunch. We will wine and dine you with local sea food, poultry, vegetables, and a salad bar consisting of six different salads, prepared from recipes from around the world. The full menu for the B.B.Q. lunch can be seen in the menu section of this book.


After lunch, everyone will board the yacht for a 30 minute cruise to a very beautiful and special spot where the sea eagles gather, to ride the updrafts of the mountain and to mate. We meet the eagles as they dive and splash into the water only metres from the yacht. A spectacular, exciting experience and photo opportunity for all.


After everyone is back on board, she will carry on, on her final cruise of the day. Back to Resort World Langkawi, where transport will be waiting to return everyone back to their hotels. A full, fun, adventurous day out, amongst the beautiful Eco system of Langkawi's outlying islands.


## When there is high wave, we may take a different route in order to stay in the calmer waters.


Note 1: Beach we go to changes by seasons and weather/ocean conditions. Beach/activities at the beach description above is seasonal Nov/Dec till May.


Note 2: When the ocean conditions are not suitable for Beach BBQ, a BBQ lunch will be served on board the yacht. Most of the time in Nov/Dec – May there will be a BBQ lunch; June – Oct will be on board the yacht.


Note 3: We DO NOT FEED EAGLES as there are an increasing number of guests who are opposed to “feeding the wild birds & animals” disturbing the natural cycle of nature. After we researched the fact, we agreed it is NOT a good idea to feed wild animals.


Note 4: Departure guaranteed with minimum 2 persons on Wednesday s & Fridays; minimum 6 persons on Tuesday s, Thursday s, and Saturday s. We offer minimum 2 persons guaranteed departure during peak period of mid December till end of March. Please check with us for availabilities as we may have bookings.


Note 5: Our BBQ beach is magical. However due to cruise durations, you will have maximum of 2 hours at the beach. If you want to go back to the beach, please let us know. We can arrange speedboat beach drop on other day so that you can enjoy the beach all day. Beach BBQ Nov/Dec to May, when we have 10 or more people.

There could be a change of schedule, itinerary or activities due to weather conditions

Crystal Yacht Holidays Cruises
FRESH MENU FOR 2018/2019


Our food comes from our own kitchen, freshly cooked daily. The menu changes occasionally, as we have so much variety to offer & we use fresh supplies. This is one example of our menu so that you have some idea what it is like.


Available items:

  • Mediterranean Potato Salad

  • Thai Mango Salad

  • Pineapple & Cucumber Salad

  • Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

  • Premium Beef Sausage Skewers with

  • Capsicum & Onions

  • Crystal Special BBQ Chicken

  • Prawns/Squid Sweet & Spicy in Tomato Sauce

  • Malaysian Beef Rendang

  • Herbed Baked Fish Fillet

  • Mixed Vegetables

  • Baked Potatoes, Carrot & Sweet Potatoes

  • Penne Arabiata

  • Home Made Fresh Bread

  • White Rice with Mixed Herbs

  • Stir Fried Rice Noodles

  • Homemade bread --- fresh from our kitchen every day (V)

  • Herb rice (V)

  • Fruit Platter (V)


Sauces: Garlic sauce(V), chili & soy (V)


Above menu indicated (V) is vegetarian food. On top of those, we will make vegetable skewers to BBQ, and/or vegetarian curry, and/or dish from the additional items below. Please let us know in advance so we can accommodate your request.


Some of our other menu items are:
Salad Bar: Fruit salad, Cucumber salad with dill yogurt dressing, Marinated fish or chicken salad, Thai squid salad, Thai beef salad, Thai star beans salad, radish & carrot salad,


BBQ corners: Lamb kebab, lamb chops served with mint sauce, Leg of Lamb, Roast chicken with stuffing, marinated squid, marinated Tofu, marinated fish balls, Rice ball (Yaki-onigiri), Yakitori (Chicken in stick, Japanese style), various vegetables in various styles, etc, etc... all prepared with care and presented with style. MALAYSIAN dishes and VEGETARIAN specials are AVAILABLE upon request.


Lunch for Eco Adventure Day cruise is a similar menu to the Dinner Cruise menu, only slightly lighter. BBQ lunch will be served either on the beach or on board the yacht. Fruit is served in the afternoon on the yacht.


Other offers are such as Cream cheese on celery boats topped by cashew nuts, various cheese, spicy chicken, various pates or dips with vegetable sticks and/or crackers, olives & pickles, sushi rolls, mini rice cakes, Mexican favorites, tortilla chips with guacamole dip; various Crystal Yacht Holidays original pastry strips and more... all prepared with care and presented with style.

OPEN BAR FOR ALL CRUISES:  All of our cruises offer an open bar for drinks.  This is a special feature we can do, as Langkawi is a duty free island.  Our open bar drinks are alcoholic drinks of beer, white wine, gin, vodka, whisky, rum and special cocktails, such as  Pinacoladas and Crystal Yacht Holidays original cocktails.  Soft drinks and mixers of coke, sprite, soda, tonic water, orange juice, pineapple juice and mineral water are on board.  


Moet & Chandon NV is available on board for RM200.00/bottle.
Birthday cakes are available from RM65.00.
Please let us know one day in advance, with your name. Premium wine is available at extra charge. Please ask us for the wine list in advance.

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