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Have a question in your head? We are here to provide assistance. Select a question below to find your answer.

Q: What should I wear and bring along when joining your cruise?

A: Wear something comfortable and pack your swimsuit, towel, sunblock and sunglasses. Make sure you bring your sense of adventure and a camera to capture the breathtaking scenery.

Q: What if it rains?

A: The exotic showers in South East Asia tend to quickly pass, and admired from underneath a canopy, the sight of raindrops drawing circles on the water surface has its very own appeal. So most of the time, we will embark as planned. With safety being our highest priority, we will cancel a trip on a stormy day or in case we are experiencing technical challenges. Under these circumstances, you will be offered an alternative day for your cruise. Should it be your preference, your payment will be refunded.

Q: Where is the meeting point and when should I arrive?

A: We offer a pick-up service from your resort. Please make sure you are at the resort entrance at the agreed time. In case you use your own transportation, please arrive minimum 30 min prior to the scheduled cruise time. We depart from Resort World (formally known as Awana Porto Malai), located at the south coast of Langkawi, just a few minutes drive from Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah. The meeting point is at the Fun and Adventure Center near the jetty point. You can park your car at the front of the resort and walk around the right hand side of the main building to where the cruise office is. This Google Map will show you where the resort is.

Q: What if I am late?

A: To save yourself unnecessary stress and costs, please try to be on time. Should you be late, we can arrange a taxi to pick you up and a speedboat to catch up with the yacht. However, there will be extra charges for the taxi and an added fee of RM100 -150 for the speedboat transfer.

Q: Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

A: All our food is halal! Should you be a vegetarian, suffer from seafood or nut allergy or experience any other food intolerances, please notify us upon booking. We will be delighted to make the necessary arrangements. Thanks to the variety of dishes served, you will most likely find some of your favorites even if you fail to inform us. However, depending on your restrictions, the selection may be limited.

Q: What is the duration of your cruises?

A: Here are the durations of our cruises:

  • Sunset Cruises

    • 5pm - 8pm

    • 3 hours

    • Meeting time: 3:40pm


  • Geopark Day Cruise

    • 10am - 4pm

    • 6 hours

    • Meeting time: 9:30am

Q: What boats do you utilize?

A: We have a 50ft and a 65ft catamaran. The boat for a particular cruise is chosen based on weather conditions and the number of participating guests

Q: When should I book?

To make sure you don't miss the highlight of your holidays, it is advisable to book as early as possible. Especially if your holidays fall into the high season from December to March.


Regular bookings close as follows:

  • Geopark Day Cruise: one day prior, noon

  • Sunset Cruises: day of the cruise, 10am

    • Spontaneous guests enquiring at a later point in time will be accommodated if space is available.

  • Private Cruise: minimum one day prior, 3pm


Longer notice required to make special arrangements for a customized cruise

Q: How should I book?

You can book directly through our website - taking advantage of promotional internet rates. If you prefer to make your bookings in person, the concierge or recreation desk at your resort or any travel agency in Langkawi will be delighted to assist you.

Q: What activities are available during the Geopark Day Cruise?

Depending on the time of year and current weather conditions, the Geopark Day Cruise includes a trip to a deserted island with a gourmet BBQ on the beach. You can go for a walk in the wilderness, explore the coast on a kayak, enjoy a romantic stroll along the shores.

Q: Can we go snorkeling?

Although the sea around Langkawi teems with exotic fish, due to a high level of sediments the visibility is very limited and not favorable for snorkeling.

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