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Whether you chose our romantic SUNSET CRUISE to savor an exotic cocktail as the sky explodes in gold, orange and deep red, or decide to join the GEOPARK DAY CRUISE, a discovery voyage through the magical archipelago with spectacular limestone formations and tiny deserted islands that lure with a Robinson Crusoe charm – Crystal Yacht’s shared cruises are sure to become the highlight of your holidays!


Planning to propose to the woman of your life? In quest of a unique location to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday in the circle of your family and friends or to entertain corporate guests? Enquire about our PRIVATE CRUISES! With every detail tailored to make your fantasy come true, a special event aboard our yacht is an experience of a lifetime!


Enchanted by the breathtaking beauty of the archipelago, the Canadian-born Jamie Allan Scott and his Japanese wife Ryoko settled on the magical island of Langkawi some 25 years ago. At a time when the waters of the surrounding Andaman Sea were the territory of tiny fishermen boats, they were the first to offer sightseeing cruises.


While over the years a handful of companies followed their example, the pioneer spirit of Crystal Yacht Holidays continues to define the Langkawi’s cruise experience! Always a step ahead, the company frequently alters their routes to bring you to secluded islands with pristine beaches and no soul around, and launches new packages such as the meanwhile legendary sunset cocktail and sunset dinner cruise. Curious what’s coming next? There is an amazing Heritage Cruise in the making! With some luck available when you reach Langkawi for your holidays. So make sure to stay tuned!


An eco-conscious yacht operator, Crystal Yacht Holidays is one of the few fully licensed charter companies in Langkawi, putting your mind at ease with personal insurance coverage during the entire trip. Well-equipped and regularly maintained, the yachts provide comfort and safety while seasoned skippers and caring crew make sure you have a wonderful time while on board.

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