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Celebrate this Valentines day with your loved ones.


Sail along the beautiful coast of Langkawi, to and through the outlying lushly green islands to an uninhabited island, anchoring off a deserted beach to swim, explore or just relax and enjoy the beach. As this is a private cruise, we accommodate any special request you may have. Total cost for the private charter is RM4300 (inclusive of roses for the ladies)


We are lucky enough to run two boats with all of our sharing cruises, one boat is a 46ft catamaran and the other is a 50ft catamaran. We reserve the right to choose what boats will be running and what guests will go on what boat. We are more than happy to hear requests but we can not promise you will be on a specific boat.

Please note we use PayPal to process all online payments. All payments are secure and you don't even need a PayPal account. You can pay using your credit card.

Valentine Geopark Day Cruise  Private Charter for up to 12 pax

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